Acrilex Announces Design Contest

Deadline for submissions is Dec. 16, 2009
Posted October 2, 2009
Acrilex Combinations1.jpg

Acrilex Inc. (Jersey City, N.J.), a producer and distributor of high-end custom-colored acrylics, announces its Acriglas Combinations Series Design Contest. The competition invites retail display designers to showcase their talent by utilizing the company’s new Combinations line of multilayer acrylic sheets. Participants are asked to create the fixture or display specifically for a fictional or real electronic, cosmetic, or footwear and/or apparel manufacturer, drawing upon inspiration from the prospective company’s brand as well as the Combinations series.

Deadline for all submissions is Dec. 16, 2009. Interested designers should contact Dan Rustin a 1-800-222-4680, or via email at for additional details.