Amazon’s ‘Wardrobe’ Gets a Revamp

Allows fewer items per shipment, altered discounts
Posted November 13, 2017 Inc. (Seattle) has tweaked the parameters for its Wardrobe apparel try-on service, which was introduced in beta testing in June.

The service allows shoppers to try on a selection of clothing before they commit to purchasing. The new adjustments include an alteration to its discounts as well as a cap on the number of items that can be shipped for try-ons at once, according to Recode.

Discounts are now limited to a flat amount of $20 on orders of at least $200 or more and a discount of $50 on orders of $400 or more, compared to its prior percentage-based discounts; and customers are limited to 10 items per shipment, compared to the previous 15-item limit.