Among the Stars

Madison honors actress Carrie Fisher
Posted March 15, 2017

Honoring actress Carrie Fisher after her passing in December, Madison (Los Angeles) used its store windows on West Third Street in LA to pay homage to the beloved celebrity with a “Star Wars”/Princess Leia-themed display. “Madison … is always trying to empower its shopper through fashion and self-expression,” says ChadMichael Morrisette, president, Oh Mannequin! (LA), who designed the windows. “With Carrie’s passing … it just felt right to bring forth a display that showed three powerful female ‘Jedi.’ ” In creating the window, Morrisette sourced mannequins with a strong, wide stance, used LED strips to reference Lightsabers, and the retailer had just the right outfits to bring the entire look together. Public familiarity with the films’ symbolic features allowed for the simple display to easily translate, says Morrisette: “When you’re working with such iconic imagery, you don’t have to work too hard.”