An Artful Façade

Lululemon's Southgate mall storefront features locally-inspired imagery
Posted September 25, 2014

The imposing graphic façade of the new Lululemon store in Edmonton’s (Alberta) Southgate Centre mall creates a welcoming impression of authenticity and community pride while underscoring the athletic wear brand’s affiliation with yoga, harmony and balance.

Designed by local illustrator Jason Blower, in collaboration with Quadrangle Architects (Toronto) and the Lululemon (Vancouver) interiors team, the 380-square-foot façade comprises wood panels sandblasted with an intricate collage of locally-inspired imagery including trees, rivers, joggers and several Edmonton landmarks.

Lululemon hired Great Lakes Woodworking (Detroit) to execute Blower’s vision into a custom sandblasted piece using a natural material palette. The varied illustrations etched into the wood encourage passersby to stop, look and even touch the tactile art.

Says Emily Robin, store design lead, Lululemon Athletica, “I know design is successful when it starts a conversation or is able to bring up memories for the people viewing it, and Jason Blower’s … graphic did exactly that.”