Atrio Shopping Center, Villach, Austria

Saturated, colored light enhances the exterior and interior of Austria’s latest shopping center.
Posted November 10, 2008

The Atrio shopping center opened its doors in the small southern Austrian town of Villach. At over 300,000 square feet with 82 shops and restaurants, Atrio is the Alps-Adriatic region’s largest mall.

To play up its sizeable footprint and enhance its interior and exterior architecture, the retail center wanted colorful lighting that would offer high saturation and brilliance.

Martin Professional A/S (Aarhus, Denmark, developer and manufacturer of lighting products) partnered with lighting designer Bartenbach LichtLabor (Aldrans, Austria) and lighting and sound provider Ton & Licht (Regensburg, Germany) to create a multi-colored lighting scheme using Martin’s Alien 02 Downlights. The downlights house a 150-watt halogen metal halide lamp, CMY color mixing system and mechanical dimmer, providing a high light output and 9000-hour lamp life.

“The Alien downlight delivers sufficient intensity of light, especially because of its highly saturated colors,” says Robert Gries of Ton & Licht.

Outside the mall’s entrance, the designers illuminated an inverted glass pyramid using six Martin MAC 250 Entour color luminaires that when set on a cycle, create a variety of lighting patterns and color projections.

Photography: Courtesy of Martin Professional, Aarhus, Denmark