Baskin-Robbins Launches New Design in Canada

Format will be included in new openings and remodels
Posted March 15, 2012

Ice-cream shop chain Baskin-Robbins (Canton, Mass.) is expanding its franchise locations across Canada, with additional stores in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. As part of the expansion, the company is rolling out a new international store design at new and existing Canadian Baskin-Robbins restaurants, reports QSR magazine.

Highlights of the new design include a bright and modern decor, lounge-style seating, iconic pink spoon door handles and textured walls reminiscent of Baskin-Robbins waffle cones and interactive LCD menu displays.

The format is on view at two stores, in the Promenade Mall near Toronto and in Ottawa, with plans to remodel 10-15 locations in the new look in 2012.

The ice cream chain operates more than 100 locations in Canada.