BBQ, Seoul

A dash of wit and a splash of fun transform this international chain from street food to new casual dining concept.
Posted October 10, 2012
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Based on the premise of "chicken as a universal food," BBQ decided to update its menu and asked London-based JHP to shift the dining area into a cool place to hang. Natural woods and earthy tones were chosen to support the chain's updated message of health and quality.

Project Suppliers

Retailer: Genesis Co. Ltd., Seoul; Keong Won Park, team manager; Jeong Ah Choi - Team manager

Design: JHP, London; Mark Frankland, senior retail designer; Steve Collis, managing director and strategy director; Raj Wilkinson, managing director and creative director; Patrick Volavka, head of graphic communication, Matt Stroud, senior graphic designer

Photographer: Hee Won Cho, Seoul