Bellísima, Villahermosa, Mexico

Yucatan Peninsula flagship brings modernity to the brand
Posted December 20, 2012

Architect Mauricio Ramírez, president of Arquitectos Interiores in Mexico, has a beef with lighting that stands out: “I don’t like to put a lot of light fixtures on the wall – the light fixture contamination can be too much,” he says.

When leaders of the cosmetics retailer Bellísima (Mérida, Mexico) contracted with Mérida-based Arquitectos Interiores S.C.P to design a 732-square-foot Yucatan Peninsula flagship, they were looking for a modern concept that would attract shoppers at a spacious new mall in Villahermosa, Mexico. The store draws middle-class guests from ages 20-40.

Ramírez created a sleek space with a simple red, gray and white color palette that would be simple enough to allow multi-colored merchandise to shine. A hint of fun was added by using a youthful splash of red, drawn from the company’s kiss-shaped logo, on ceilings and floors.

“You usually see black and white or gray and white in all the makeup stores. We wanted to try to do something different to make a store that defines itself, but can also emphasize the display elements,” Ramírez says.

The kiss reappears on a side wall as a gray graphic above lacquered red and white displays. Charcoal carpet in a matching hue extends from the sales floor to a back wall, drawing eyes – and feet – to a gleaming white trial area, where staffers help customers try out new powders, lipsticks, eyeliners and more. In this intimate, mirrored space that almost seems to be separate from the store itself, women can test and try new products at their leisure.

The carpet helps absorb some of the background noise from foot traffic in the mall, Ramírez says, and fits in with the overall vibe of the store. “We tried to do something modern, contemporary and simple.” he says. For women looking for a new look, this brand’s facelift may be just the thing.

Project Suppliers

Retailer: Bellísima, Villahermosa, Mexico

Designer: Arquitectos Interiores S.C.P., Mérida, Mexico

Photography: José Carmen Camas