BMW Motorrad, Isaria, Germany

The motorcycle brand accelerates into a new showroom concept, incorporating curving lines and natural materials that allude to a road less traveled
Posted December 14, 2012

At BMW Motorrad's sample showroom, curving graphics and natural materials suggest a road less traveled to motorcyclists ready to rev their (new) engines. Shoppers are invited to sit on the latest bikes, and imagine themselves whizzing around a curve, or check out high-performance accessories on nearby wall displays. 

Suspended spotlights create focus and contrast, with cooler color temperatures used for technical products and the bikes themselves and warmer metal halides for rider equipment and interactive spaces, including a consultation desk off to the side.

For design details, click each photo.

Project Suppliers
Retailer : BMW Motorrad, Isaria, Germany

Design: Artemedia Europe GmbH, Berlin

Fixtures: Visplay Intl., Weil am Rhein, Germany

Flooring: GranitiFiandre Spa, Castellarano, Italy; Adler, Dirlewang, Germany

Furniture: Isaria Corporate Design AG, Oberpframmern, Germany

Lighting: Zumtobel, Dornbirn, Austria

Photography: BMW Motorrad, Munich, Germany