Bringing Analog, Digital, Sensory and Sound Together for Emotional Retail

Ed King and Laura Davis-Taylor (both formerly of MaxMedia) take us on a journey into multisensory branding
Posted August 31, 2017

With 95 percent of purchasing decisions made in the subconscious mind, a retail environment must appeal to all five senses, which voluntarily or involuntarily stimulate the brain. In their session at the 2016 International Retail Design Conference (IRDC) in Montréal, Ed King and Laura Davis-Taylor provided visual examples of various in-store multisensory deployments and detailed information on neuroscience studies associated with emotional retail and the supporting data, which measured shoppers’ reactions as they move through store aisles. By pairing digital innovations with the psychological evidence, learn how providing a multisensory experience can dial up your retail applications.

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