C. Wonder, New York

Entrepreneur Chris Burch breaks out in SoHo with a dose of color and wit for the preppy set
Posted February 1, 2012

C. Wonder's new shopping destination brings women into a residential-like setting full of bold patterns, bright colors, textures and furniture reminiscent of home. The store experience is designed as a journey through interconnected rooms, with each presenting an entire lifestyle of cross-categorized products.



Retailer: J Christopher Capital, New York - Amy Shecter, President of C.Wonder; Michael Shapiro, Vice President of Sourcing and Design Development; Alison Littman, Alison Littman, Design Director

Design: Pompei A.D., New York - Scott Faucheux, Studio Director; Joe Saha, Senior Project Manager; Somi Lee, Project Manager; Stephanie Luk, Project Manager; Dylan Kruse; Tyler O’Reilly

Audio/Visual: Clicq, New York

Ceilings, Fixtures, Flooring, Furniture, Props and decoratives, Signage/Graphics: J Christopher Capital, New York

Lighting: Lighting Workshop, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Architect: Architectura, Edgewater, N.J.

General Contractor: Kwality Builders, Hibernia, N.J.

Photography: Jeffrey Kilmer, New York