Cafe Spiaggia

Chicago, IL
Posted March 24, 2000

The decor at Chicago's Cafe Spiaggia is a lot like the traditional-with-an-innovative-twist Italian cuisine it's known for serving. Designers blended contemporary Italian objets d'art and accents such as light fixtures and furniture (the accents will change as a series of exhibits) with huge frescoes inspired by the Renaissance master Mantegna. The restaurant's faux 15th-century frescoes are based on Mantegna's murals at Castello di San Giorgia in Mantua.

Design: Marve Cooper Design, Chicago; Intuisis Design, Chicago

Suppliers and Fabricators: Crown Construction, Chicago (construction); Simes Studios, Chicago (murals); Kozan Studios, Chicago (faux finishes); Chicago Glass Works, Chicago (blown glass fixtures); Gilford Wallcoverings, Jeffersonville, Ind. (fabrics); Shafer, Denver (furniture); Sina Pearson Textiles, Chicago (fabrics); Tech Lighting Inc., Chicago (lighting); Luminaire, Miami (Italian glass)

Photography by Mark Ballogg, Steinkamp/Ballogg Photography, Chicago