Chris Burch Unveils New Retail Concept

C. Wonder carries moderately priced home-decor and casual women’s clothes
Posted October 25, 2011

Chris Burch, venture capitalist, entrepreneur and ex-husband of designer Tory Burch, is opening the doors to a new retail concept store in New York called C. Wonder.

The “C” stands for “charming, chic and cheerful,” according to The Wall Street Journal. The store offers brightly colored and moderately priced home-decor products as well as casual women’s clothes.

The first locations bows on Spring Street in SoHo and is Burch’s second solely owned retail venture since 1989, when he sold the sportswear brand Eagle’s Eye to Swire Group. His career also included co-founding Tory Burch LLC in 2003, where he remains a board member.

Among the store touches are iPad-equipped sales associates and fitting rooms with small touchscreens that allow customers to change the music and lighting as they try on the clothes.

Plans call for three more locations by the end of the year, including stores at the Westchester, Garden State Plaza and Roosevelt Field malls. Burch says he plans to roll out 20 more next year across the country, reports WSJ.