Coach Debuts 'Life Coach'

The experiential pop-up is located in New York
Posted June 13, 2018

Coach (New York) launches a new pop-up shop today in New York. The pop-up, which is dubbed “Life Coach,” is a celebration of the heritage of New York and will run through June 17.

According to Architectural Digest, this pop-up is “the anti-shop,” which features “an otherworldly group of spaces that eschew product placement…in favor of an experimental activation that encourages self-discovery and reflection.”

For example, one room replicates a New York subway station, rendered completely in white. In the middle of the room is a booth with stickers and paint, inviting visitors to graffiti the room. Another room is inspired by Coney Island with flashing neon lights and arcade games as well as a boardwalk reconstructed from wood salvaged from the original boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy.

The company worked with set designer Simon Costin to develop the spaces. Each day, the pop-up will also feature special guests and activities, such as fortune tellers.