Dubai Welcomes World's Largest Candy Store

Candylicious opening will serve as springboard for Middle East expansion
Posted October 2, 2009

Retail Is Detail’s new Candylicious candy store opened at the Dubai Mall. Spanning over 10,000 square feet, the store carries a range of candy and chocolates never seen in the region, including Madelaine Chocolates, Rock Candy from Squire Boone Village, tiny delights (handmade candy) from Miss Sweetie, and Ribbles and Fabrols from Gina Michaels, as well as familiar brands such as Hershey's, M&M's and Jelly Belly.

“At Candylicious, our mission is simple; eat happy,” says Sunaina Gill, director of Retail Is Detail. “Our goal was to create an entire confectionary experience for the customer. Candylicious is about buying things never seen anywhere else and you can indulge in a royal offering of mouth-watering confectionaries from all over the globe.”

The Candylicious concept is designed to combine candy and the world of imagination into a hip and fashion-forward store. Visual treats within the store include pillars embedded with candy, a canopy of a lollipop tree covered with lollipops and the Candylicious Airplane 'taking off' above your heads. In addition to the store, a Candylicious Junior car circles the Dubai Mall, offering a condensed assortment of treats to shoppers.