Duty-Free Argentina

Buenos Aires Airport
Posted January 17, 2001

Duty-free stores like Duty-Free Argentina in the Buenos Aires Airport are becoming more sophisticated and fashionable to stay competitive in the ariport venue. Point Design (New York) intended to eclipse the boxy look in its renovation of Duty-Free Argentina emphasizing lighting to create a more theatrical atmosphere.

Supermarket-style lighting was replaced with spot lighting, and lighting on the walls is three times brighter than that on the floor. At the entrance, deep-blue terrazzo flooring is illuminated with spotlights, which reflect the mirror inlays onto the ceiling for a starry sky look. And an arched cutout, illuminated in blue, breaks up the otherwise flat ceiling.

Fixture lighting creates visual interest, as well. The perfume table, for instance, is downlit by suspended rice-paper light fixtures, which are screenprinted with the brand names, and uplit with blue-filtered lights.

Client Team: Duty Free Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Rich Hiwyard, Alejahdra Basile and Randall Ench

Design Team: Point Design, New York -- Diego Garay and Luis Bruno, principals in charge; Martin Saez and Zulema Osorio, project designers; Brigida Squazzi and Leo Lotopolsky, project management

Suppliers: Waisco, Buenos Aires (ceiling); Giacometti, Buenos Aires (fixturing); Innovative Marble and Tile, Hauppauge, N.Y. (flooring); Silme, Buenos Aires (furniture/signage); Reggiani Lighting Ltd., Milan, and Philips Lighting, Somerset, N.J. (lighting); Maharam, Hauppauge, N.Y. (wallcoverings)

Photography: Gustayo Sosa Pinilia, Buenos Aires