Fendi Opens First Fendi Casa Store

Brand’s debut home store opens in Milan
Posted April 19, 2017

Fendi (Rome) recently opened its first-ever Fendi Casa flagship store, which features the brand’s decor and furnishings collection. The store opened in Milan inside a 16th Century palace, Palazoo Carcassola Grandi, along Via Montenapoleone, and is situated next door to the Fendi boutique.

The 4300-square-foot store features inlaid wooden ceilings, walls adorned with frescos and marble throughout, reports Vogue Living.

Other materials throughout the minimalistic space include leather and bronze, as well as a balance of light and dark tones, reports EPR Retail News.

Pieces in the space include classics like a Conrad armchair and the Ford table as well as newer pieces such as lamps designed by Italian architect Marco Costanzi and the Soho Lite sofa, which was presented at the Milan Furniture Fair.