Flights of Fancy

Visual Passport: Retailers in London and Munich keep things light with playful displays.
Posted March 30, 2009

European store windows kicked off the year with lots of fantasy, humor and imagination to keep customers’ interest and stimulate curiosity for new spring surprises.

London proved to be one of the most creative capitals as department stores welcomed the new season with elaborate installations. Selfridges, in collaboration with the British Museum, set mannequins like classical statues surrounded by elements from Corinthian temples. Harvey Nichols transformed its windows into a wildlife fantasy, as mannequins tried to find their way among playful monkeys, drinking giraffes and jumping jaguars.

In Munich, miniature workmen were busy lifting up Rimowa’s newest high-tech suitcases. And Sévigné’s amusing golden pig offered encouragement and luck in the year ahead.

Angelika Frank, a freelance editor and photographer based in Munich, Germany, is VMSD’s European trend-spotter on all things visual, traveling regularly to Europe’s capitals to keep you up to date. She has been published in Style Guide, Inspiration, Stores+Shops, Trend Magazin and TextilWirtschaft.