The Future is Here: Felix and the Customer Journey

Eric Feigenbaum (Embrace Design and VMSD) shows IRDC attendees how smart retailers are adapting to an ever-shifting landscape
Posted April 17, 2017

Retail is changing faster now than ever before, and some companies are responding with creative models that de-emphasize in-store sales. While it’s clear that brick-and-mortar isn’t going away, says Eric Feigenbaum, founder, Embrace Design, and Editorial Advisor/New York Editor, VMSD, the traditional model of “get them in the store and sell” is changing. However, retailers are recognizing the importance of the physical store, as they place new focus on environmental brand immersion to promote customer loyalty. Attendees at VMSD’s 2016 International Retail Design Conference (IRDC) in Montreal discovered how offering smaller footprints, curated collections and customization is supporting a new, nonlinear path to purchase.

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