The Future is Now

Despite rapidly changing dynamics, the retail industry pushes forward
Posted January 3, 2018
As a young child, the idea of time capsules fascinated me. The notion of gathering items from our everyday lives and sealing them away to be found by future generations has always prompted thoughts of how our society and culture might be interpreted and what artifacts from our daily existence would captivate the imaginations of those who follow us.
As I think back on my two years as editor-in-chief of VMSD, celebrated with this January issue*, it occurs to me that the magazine itself is a time capsule of sorts. Every month we seek out the most intriguing, innovative people and projects to share with our readers. Occasionally, as in this issue, we dust off our crystal ball, examine the facts at hand, and take an educated guess at what the future might hold. 
The “Look Book” issue in particular is a snapshot of the tools and trends that are shaping the state of the retail industry today and tomorrow. As you peruse each section of products from the latest in technology to age-old mainstays, give some thought to both their history and applications, as well as how they might evolve in the future as consumer behavior continues to change and trends come and go.
Though none of us has the answer to what the future will hold, it’s incumbent upon us to keep exploring the countless possibilities in a constant effort to solve the riddle. Our challenge is to deliver delightful experiences at retail, whether that’s today or tomorrow, in stores, on mobile devices or through virtual reality.
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