Give Them a Hand

Fashion designer Dauphin teams with Lifestyle/Trimco on Fashion Week Display
Posted October 7, 2011
Dauphin1.jpgDauphin 2.jpgDauphin 3.jpgDauphin 4.jpg

When jewelry and handbag designer J Dauphin sought to showcase her new 2012 Spring collection during New York’s fall fashion week, she got a helping hand from a few silent salepeople.

Working with Lifestyle/Trimco (New York), the designer chose raw Mache forms with polished bronze bases to display apparel at the Lifestyle showroom on West 25th. A focal point for her handmade jewelry pieces was crafted using 24 mannequin arms standing straight up. Both displays were set in a museum-like environment for the fashion week event.

“My goal is to bridge the design industry with ours and create a new platform and destination for emerging designers to stand on,” says Sean Sager, newly appointed creative director for Lifestyle/Trimco.

Photos: Courtesy of Lifestyle/Trimco, New York