Gold Star Chili, Cincinnati

The chili sweepstakes are on in Cincinnati
Posted July 24, 2007

Gold Star Chili has long been a frontrunner in the race for Cincinnati’s best chili. Three-ways, four-ways – these creations of spaghetti, chili and cheese are samples of the Queen City’s quintessential cuisine.

Not one to play second ladle to Skyline and other local chili rivals, Gold Star is taking a fresh approach to its brand. It’s got a new name and updated look, and now Gold Star Grill thinks it can be the go-to spot not only for those who crave chili, but also for those who want a healthier, broader menu.


The food retailer chose Chute Gerdeman Retail (Columbus, Ohio) to create a friendly neighborhood atmosphere with the grill concept at the heart of the design.

Much like a family cookout, everything centers around the kitchen area. The order counter, dining area and ceiling panels all feature slight curves and striations to imitate rippled flames coming from the kitchen.

Elements of the restaurant’s flame-topped, five-pointed star logo are studded throughout the space on pendant lighting fixtures, concrete flooring, chair backs and exterior signage. Heated tones of red, orange and amber paired with rustic materials like brick, anodized metal and textural vinyl give a flame-kissed look to the design. Hints of green in the family-style booths and wall color trigger fresh cues in reference to the new menu offerings.

Metal signage with cut-out words and phrases like “tasty” and “ignite your appetite” encourage guests to sample some of Cincinnati’s classic fare.



Gold Star Grill, Cincinnati

Basheer Daoud, development director

John Sullivan, ceo

Mike Mason, operations director


Chute Gerdeman Retail, Columbus, Ohio

Elle Chute, principal

Denny Gerdeman, principal

Lori Mukoyama, director, design development

Glennon Schaffner, program director, design development

Jodi Backes, program anager

Katie Clements, environments designer

Adam Limbach, director, brand communication

Whitney Kyle, brand strategist

Asako Maruyama, brand communication, designer

Kate Barone, design development, designer

Steve Pottschmidt, director, design development

Susan Siewny, director, graphic production

George Waite, graphic production


Hap Pendleton (Creative Shelter Architects), Cincinnati

General Contractor

Hemmer Industries Inc., Florence, Ky.


General Theming Contractors LLC, Columbus, Ohio

Wallcoverings and Materials

Knoll Textiles, Cincinnati

Kitchen Equipment

Wasserstrom, Cincinnati

Brandon Jones Photography, Columbus, Ohio