Golden Screens

Harrods digital poster network takes home some gold at P-O-P awards
Posted November 13, 2006

The annual P-O-P Awards, conducted by In-Store magazine and POPAI and recognizing merchandising excellence in p-o-p advertising, awarded a gold award for “Best Digital Signage Solution” to Remote Media for its digital poster network at Harrods’ legendary Knightsbridge flagship in London.

The British department store has identified shoppers under the age of 25 as the next generation of Harrods shoppers and thus sought a cutting-edge display that would attract the attention of this coveted demographic.

The network display features 125 digital signage posters, from Remote Media (Little Chesterford, U.K.), located near escalator wells, various department entrances and store windows. Promotional material ties in with messages on traditional posters and lightboxes around the store, including from such brands as Bvlgari and Timberland.

The judges remarked: “The network was intended to both enhance the customer experience and drive revenue from third-party advertisers. It created what judges felt was a significant sales increase, and the introduction of further screens is planned as a result of its performance.”