K2 Skis Booth

Fashioning an award-winning booth to highlight the brand’s 50-year history
Posted July 23, 2012

To mark K2 Skis’ golden anniversary, the company hosted a barn raising of sorts. As part of the 2012 SIA Ski Show in Denver, the brand partnered with two vendors in the Northwest that it has worked with for years to craft a booth design that would both celebrate the company milestone.

Building off one of the company’s earlier ad campaigns that showed the brand growing from a make-shift factory barn, Commercial Displayers (Seattle) and Heckler Associates (Seattle) designed a barn-like booth to recall its small-company roots while highlighting its present-day reputation for cutting-edge technology and products for outdoor enthusiasts.

Working on a tight production schedule, the 40-by-55-foot space includes cedar wood construction that was painted to resemble a real barn, including hand-painted signs and a water tower. A mockup was created in-house before it was shipped to the show. Based on that process, modifications were made to the original design, including going from a four-sided barn design that enclosed people inside the booth to cutting out two walls to open up the design and allow more space to show product, including the latest skis and accessories.

“We maximized the space to get more products in there,” says Patrick Comer, director of business development for the family-owned Commercial Displayers.

The effort won a best booth award at the show.

Photography: Rob Humphrey, Seattle