McDonald’s Revamps Chicago Store

The interior features a sustainable, sleek design
Posted August 10, 2018

McDonald’s (Chicago) has remodeled and reopened its restaurant in Chicago that was previously known as the “Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonald’s.”

Designed by Carol Ross Barney, the remodel features a more sleek and modern aesthetic, rather than its previous kitschy one, according to Curbed Chicago. It is constructed with steel, glass and cross laminated timber, topped with a canopy of solar panels. In additional moves toward sustainability, the restaurant also includes a green roof and suspended living-plant walls.

The 19,000-square-foot store opened yesterday after a 13-month-long process from design conceptualization through completion.  

As far as new services, the restaurant offers self-service stations and a dedicated McCafe coffee bar. These moves are a part of the company’s “Experience of the Future” initiative that it is rolling out to stores.