Outside the Box, Part IV

Christofle, Madison Avenue, New York
Posted September 11, 2013

First Place
Christofle, Madison Avenue, New York
Submitted by: Shawmut Design & Construction, Boston

We know what you’re thinking, but it’s not a mirror. The reflective stretch fabric on this ceiling was heat-treated to become a seamless surface. “It stretches sort of like rubber, but it’s a mirrored material,” says Vincent Spataro, project executive, Shawmut Design and Construction. “Similar to a [PVC membrane] ceiling, it’s stretched around a frame system. It’s a material I’ve not seen used anywhere else … and is only done by one vendor that we know of in France.”

Due to the retailer’s location in a landmark building, the design team had to adhere to tight renovation restrictions, which were surmounted by the ceiling and other elements that create the illusion of depth. One example is the elliptically-shaped “spoon walls” made by Christofle’s head silversmith, Jean-Claude Bourbon.

Honeycomb fixtures display precious metals and homewares while an inconspicuous cashwrap utilizing a flip-top hides unsightly wires.

“I like the way the use of materials showcases each of the products; it’s very elegant,” says Andrew Brezina of BHDP (Cincinnati), who served on the judging panel.

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