Picture Perfect

Wrangler partners with photographer David Stoecklein on in-store graphics
Posted August 1, 2011

For Wrangler’s first-ever retail store in Lone Tree, Colo., the jeans maker wanted imagery that heightened the essence of its brand. Prints by well-known outdoor photographer David Stoecklein, including landscapes, horses and, of course, people wearing Wrangler jeans, were a good match. “The photography is very real, very Americana,” says Robin Rich, senior marketing communications manager for VF Jeanswear – Wrangler.

The brand’s core audience often participates in equestrian-related activities – reining and pleasure riding – so the art helps customers better connect to the apparel company. Imagery from Wrangler’s ad campaigns, including photos of country music singers George Strait [names and spellings should always be fact checked before you submit your articles] and Jason Aldean, also decorate the 7474-square-foot space.

Printed on wood or stretched canvas over frames, the prints hang from the ceiling on different length planes and tracks.

“The photographs give the store a warm feeling with a lot of dimension, driving people in,” Rich says.

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