Portfolio: Modissa, Zürich

Upscale Swiss boutique Modissa adapts a modern interior while complementing its site's cultural heritage
Posted February 17, 2016

High-end women’s fashion boutique Modissa – located on the exclusive Bahnhofstrasse thoroughfare in Zürich – recently underwent a major interior renovation. Designed by Matteo Thun & Partners (Milan) and completed by architect Benedetto Fasciani (Milan), the team strove to refresh the fashion house’s image.

Although a makeover was needed, “the interior design had to be stylistically consistent with the building’s façade, a protected cultural heritage site that dates back to the ’70s,” Matteo Thun, architect, partner and founder, Matteo Thun & Partners, explains.

Accommodating both demands of the space, Thun focused on integrating the modern interior with retro exterior through the flagship’s existing wide glazed façades. “[The façades] give you different opportunities,” says Thun. “[Like creating] decorations on the windows, behind the shop windows … or, as we finally did, decide to treat them like real [shop] windows.”

Thun also aimed to enable the designs to adapt to changing trends: “The fashion industry is one of the fastest changing industries,” Thun says. “Flexibility of the furniture as well as a timeless design are the keys to the long-lasting success of an interior concept.”

The design pairs flexible fixturing with tonal accents in gray and black that contrast with the boutique’s bright lighting. Various wall and flooring treatments on each of the location’s five levels include wood, marble, soft carpet and a fabric-plaster wallcovering, creating spaces that match the design scheme of each section.

The design comes together to offer what Thun calls a “sober and homey” atmosphere that still displays a uniquely luxurious character. Throughout the space, the design team has ensured that the store’s fashion-forward consumers are met with the “prestige and quality,” they have come to expect from Modissa.