Pottery Barn Kids

Orange County, CA
Posted January 11, 2001

Since introducing the Pottery Barn Kids catalog in 1999, Williams-Sonoma (San Francisco) has extended its children's concept to bricks-and-mortar, creating an interior decorating store for both parents and children to enjoy.

While the new store feels like a bright, cheerful extension of Pottery Barn, it was made childproof by designers from Richyworks (Los Angeles), Williams-Sonoma and BCV Architects (Alameda, Calif.). The painted Siberian hard pine flooring and light-colored, washable surfaces make the store easy to maintain. A focused product presentation, including bedroom vignettes ranging from the latest products (at the entrance) to Pottery Barn Baby (at the rear), make for a simple, clean design.

Client Team: Williams-Sonoma Inc., San Francisco -- Bud Cope, vp store development; David Palachek, design manager, Pottery Barn Kids; Patti Kashima, senior design manager; Liz King, senior project manager, Pottery Barn Kids; Gary Friedman, president

General Contractor: Fisher Development Inc., San Francisco

Design Architect: BCV Architects, San Francisco -- Hans Baldauf, Ken Catton and Chris von Eckertsberg, principals; Steve Carter, project manager

Architect of Record: MBH Architects, Alameda, Calif. -- John McNutty, principal in charge; Rick Nelson, project director; Kris Nelson, design director

Flooring: Flooring Solutions, Livermore, Calif. (tile); Buddy Rhodes Studio, San Francisco (concrete platforms)

Furniture/Casework: Environments, Minnetonka, Minn.

Conceptual Design: Richyworks, Los Angeles -- Richard Altuna, principal

Graphics: Thomas Swan Sign Co. Inc., Philadelphia Lighting: O'Conner Associates, Philadelphia

Wallcoverings: Stonehenge, San Francisco Metalwork: 3-D Studio, Oakland, Calif.

Photography: Erhard Pfeiffer, Los Angeles