Retail Reimagined, Part III

Chilewich, New York
Posted September 22, 2015

First Place
Conversion – Specialty Store
Sales Area Under 10,000 SQ. FT.
Chilewich, New York
Submitted by: De-Spec, New York

The ambitious design behind textile supplier Chilewich’s first flagship was driven by the product itself. Comprising wall-to-wall pegboard fixtures, the vibrant range of products pop against the black, colored-through, MDF wall. With offerings constructed from similar fabrics, the store’s organizational scheme differentiates the each category: table runners are wrapped around protruding side-wall pegs above shelves holding placemats; flat-weave and shag rugs are rolled flush along the back walls.

Despite its functional simplicity, settling on the pegboard fixture system wasn’t an obvious decision for design firm De-Spec, which conceived the idea after conducting extensive testing on Chilewich’s catalogue of products and each possible way to display the items.

“We took these [product] categories and started charting them and eventually made a 3-D matrix of the quantity and variety [of product] they have, just to [visualize] it,” says Tom Shea, principal designer, De-Spec. “We then began looking at taking this variety of color and pixilating it and showing it as an overall display … that’s where this idea of the points in the wall immerged.”

VMSD competition judge, Claudia Cerchiara, retail client leader, BHDP Architecture (Cincinnati), appreciated the utilitarian approach: “The merchandise is the architecture … and they really succeeded,” she said.

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