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London’s Harveys Furniture rolls out a reimagined store design to accommodate customers of all engagement preferences
Posted October 25, 2017

Combining easy-to-navigate product collection vignettes, digital storytelling tools and interior design inspiration, the Kent, U.K.-based Harveys Furniture’s U.K. rollout is what Pinterest-inspired home decor dreams are made of.

The concept, created by je+1 (London), aims to introduce the brand’s four new eclectic collections: Moda, Bay Leather Republic, At Home, and its flagship line, Sofas by You. The latter offers a truly made-to-measure experience – offering 5000 possible combinations, down to the size, style, range, textile and color – driving customers into the store to custom-design their unique furnishings.

Photography: Billy Bolton, London

Putting the collections’ brand stories at the heart of the design was integral to the approach, says Jarod Griffiths, associate designer, je+1. As a customer enters the store, they are immediately introduced to the four capsule collections, with the corresponding zones dedicated to each range meeting at the center, where digital content ties together the Harveys brand values.

The sometimes-intimidating “hard-sell” approach of upholstery brands inspired the simplification of the purchasing process for Harveys, explains Griffiths. Engineered for both independent and consultation-seeking customers alike, the store eases the journey with customization options laid out for exploration, and associates are also on hand for additional guidance. Swatches are brought to life by way of conveniently placed computers that also create an “endless aisle.”

Photography: Billy Bolton, London

“By allowing a customer time to learn about the brand and their product in store, [they] begin to have trust in the brand and make choices on their own, [and] they will then be more receptive to discussion with the staff,” Griffiths says.

In its new rollout, Harveys is arming customers with the means to create their own aspirational living spaces by combining basic merchant principles with forward-thinking solutions that illustrate the need for retailers to offer well-rounded in-store experiences.


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je+1, London: Jarod Griffiths, associate designer; Charlie Drover, designer; Jade Shilton, assistant designer.

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Photography: Billy Bolton, London