Sainsbury Adds Free Car Charging Service

Eleven London supermarkets will have electric car charging systems
Posted November 9, 2009

U.K. grocery chain Sainsbury plans to install electric car charging stations at 11 of its London supermarkets. The service will be free to customers and is part of the company’s effort to help turn London into an “electric vehicle superhighway,” says Neil Sachdev, Sainsbury’s commercial director.

Sainsbury has a large number of electric vehicles in its fleet. “We hope that this initiative will encourage more of our customers to follow our lead,” Sachdev says.

Earlier this year, the chain added a series of kinetic road plates at a store. When a driver enters the store parking lot, the car pushes down the road plates that generate electricity to help power some features of the store. The company has also committed to divert all food waste from landfill to a biomass plant.