Samsung Electronics

The electronics giant is stretching its international legs with its first retail installment in the U.K.
Posted April 21, 2008

Samsung is South Korea’s largest electronics company and one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of DVD players, big-screen televisions, computers and the like. For its latest retail strategy, the brand is launching flagships and concept shops in major markets across the world.

The first phase of its global initiative is the 3700-square-foot prototype on London’s Tottenham Court Road. To provide a unified and recognizable brand image throughout the world, Lippincott, the New York-based design and strategy firm, fashioned a concept with a consistent brand color palette and a modern design.

Interactivity begins right at the shop’s entrance with a communal table called the Imagine Bar where customers can try out the latest products. Upstairs, a mock living room, complete with modern furnishings and a Samsung flat screen, gives shoppers an idea of how the high-end electronics would look in their own homes.

Bright graphics with phrases such as “pure style” and “vivid realism” aim to reinforce the brand’s identity, as does the space’s strong color statement, with a translucent azure storefront panel, patterned blue seating and pastel yellow walls.

Client: Samsung Electronics, Global Marketing Operations, Seoul, Korea; Samsung UK, Chertsey, Surrey, U.K.; Cheil Communications, Seoul, Korea

Design: Lippincott, New York -- Randall Stone, senior partner; Ryan Kovalak, senior associate; Alissa Tribelli, associate; Michael Milligan, associate; Jung Shin, designer

Architect: Angus Pong Architecture, London

General Contractor: Portview, Belfast, Ireland

Outside Design Consultants: Hekman Badhwar Global Partnership, Toronto (construction management)

Ceilings: Barrisol USA, Cleveland

Fixtures: Umdasch Shop Concept, Amstetten, Austria; DNS Display Industries Inc., Toronto

Flooring: Byrock, London

Carpet: Bentley Prince Street, City of Industry, Calif.

Furniture: Derin, London; SCP, London; Angela Adams, Portland, Maine

Upholstery: Maharam, New York; Cortina Leather, New York

Lighting: JCC Lighting, West Sussex, U.K.

Wallcovering/Materials: Portland Color, Portland, Maine; DuPont, Wilmington, Del.

Colored glass: Vanceva, St. Louis

Photography: Lippincott, New York