Sleep Number by Select Comfort

Interactivity plays a starring role in the retailer's new store format
Posted July 23, 2012

As retailers rely on the entire store environment to serve as a brand communication tool, signage and graphics are evolving, too. “In general, communications have changed from 2-D to something more dimensional and dynamic,” says Miho Koshido-Downey, creative director, JGA (Southfield, Mich.).

For lifestyle graphics, Koshido-Downey says the focus in more on personalized messages that are geared toward connecting with the shopper rather than just telling her what’s on sale.

And don’t forget to consider new signage systems, such as custom wall graphics, cling graphics on windows and custom-printed lamp shades that carry brand imagery, to create a sense of discovery and drama.

Sleep Number by Select Comfort’s new non-mall location prototype uses a variety of signage tools to create an individualized shopping experience. Illuminated number window graphics begin to tell the story at the façade, while inside, shoppers are guided through the store using a variety of signage, including interactive flip-panel graphics and digital touchscreens.

“It’s more personalized and designed to call out to the shopper,” Koshido-Downey adds, “and less of what’s on sale.”

Photography: Laszlo Regos Photography, Berkley, Mich.