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Eastern Europe’s Solo couples banking and concierge services to create a luxury lifestyle experience in Tbilisi, Georgia
Posted March 2, 2016

Solo bank in Tbilisi, the capital city of Eastern European country Georgia, has a new approach to banking. Partnering with Milan-based design firm DINN!, they have created a new banking model based on concierge-style offerings, personalized services and an upscale environment that exudes luxury and exclusivity.

With an understanding of client needs, desires and aspirations, the collaborative efforts of Solo and the design firm have developed an experiential banking service offering comfort and a distinctive opulence that welcomes customers into an environment reminiscent of an upscale boutique or hotel.

A strong understanding of the branding process is at the core of Solo’s new banking paradigm. The bank adds value in its branded offerings, including a lifestyle lounge with a restaurant and an exclusive events venue, which serves as a desirable, high-fashion customer club.

“We have updated the Solo brand identity with a contemporary style by enhancing and boosting this concept of luxury and exclusivity,” says Andrea Borsetto, DINN! founder and chief creative director.

Upon entering the bank’s lifestyle lounge, clients are exposed to an inviting atmosphere, featuring lush Italian furnishings and finishes. While dark woods and stone set the mood in the reception area, the challenge was to create an overall aspirational tone by establishing varying levels of privacy in an open environment. The solution was the positioning of semitransparent curtains, metal grids and brass finishings that divide and identify areas within the space, based on function, privacy and special needs. To complete the environmental experience, specialized Italian light fixtures harmoniously accent the sophisticated nuances of the space.

With the success of Solo, the company plans a nationwide rollout, upgrading its existing branches to the new format. To date, Solo has installed 10 new lifestyle lounges in Tbilisi and 20 in other Georgian cities. 

The new strategy for the Solo’s premium banking service has redefined its brand identity and positioning, providing a new banking experience for its affluent clientele. 


Retailers in the service sector, including banks, pharmacies and mobile phone providers, are recognizing the importance of aesthetically pleasing environments and the value of fostering strong customer relationships.  From upgrading the in-store experience to incorporating virtual interactions, service is stepping up its game, as seen through car dealerships, according to Kraig Kessel, co-founder of San Francisco-based design firm Kraido: “Auto dealerships are finally understanding they need to transcend product and develop a dealership experience, especially on the service side, that [goes beyond] what they are used to.”

The financial service industry, in particular, will turn to data collection and analysis to better fulfill clients’ desires. Moreover, service providers will need to look for new channels of communication, customizing products and touch points to be compatible with customers’ lifestyles and comfort levels.

 “As the Internet continues to make every product a commodity, the one thing we can control is the service provided,” says James Adams, founding principal, 5ive Creative (Seattle). “The next chapter will be when people realize they’re doing the work and decide they’d rather pay someone else to do it. Sort of old school, [like having] a personal banker, a travel agent or insurance agent.”

Solo bank in Tbilisi, Georgia, projects a modern, luxurious vibe paired with contemporary details. Its concierge-style customer service sets it apart from most typical banking experiences.


Solo – Bank of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia

DINN!, Milan

Flooring: Marazzi Group S.R.L., Modena, Italy; Ruckstuhl, Langenthal, Switzerland.

Furniture: DePadova, Milan; La Cividina, Martignacco, Italy; Poltrona Frau, Turin, Italy; Poliform, Inverigo, Italy; Vitra, Birsfelden, Switzerland.

Lighting: Foscarini S.p.A., Marcon, Italy; Prandina S.R.L.,; Bassano del Grappa, Italy; Moooi, Breda, Netherlands.

Materials: Kvadrat, Ebeltoft, Denmark; Fratelli S.p.A., Cormano, Italy.