Top Retail Design Firms of 2014

Let VMSD's Retail Design Firm Resource Guide be your next go-to resource
Posted May 5, 2014

Twenty years and still going strong, the Retail Design Firm Resource Guide offers you the latest comprehensive list of designers and firms to call upon for all those projects in the pipeline. International submissions this year took a dip while domestic and North American entrants were up slightly – more firms from the U.S. and Canada are fulfilling the need for renovations and prototype roll-outs compared to last year. International firms, from Croatia to India to Mexico, remain industry staples. 

Each listing includes the firm’s contact information and notable projects completed in 2013. To see the full table, visit page 28 of the May issue.

Check out the Rankings by Design Fees chart on page 36 of the May issue and below, derived from total retail design fees disclosed by participating companies.

Information for this guide, including fees where applicable, was provided by individual firms and has not been verified by VMSD.

Design firms interested in participating next year should contact assistant editor Carly Hagedon at

Rankings by Design Fees*
Rank Company (Headquarters)

1. Gensler (San Francisco)

2. Callison (Seattle)

3. Stantec Architecture (Seattle)

4. MulvannyG2 (Bellevue, Wash.)

5. RSP Architects (Minneapolis)

6. GreenbergFarrow (Atlanta)

7. MBH Architects (Alameda, Calif.)

8. Big Red Rooster (Columbus, Ohio)

9. Chipman Design Architecture (Des Plaines, Ill.)

10. Shremshock Architects (Westerville, Ohio)

11. Chute Gerdeman (Columbus, Ohio)

12. CMA (Minneapolis)

13. Herschman Architects (Cleveland)

14. Bergmeyer Associates Inc. (Boston)

15. GH+A (Montreal)

16. JGA Inc. (Southfield, Mich.)

17. ACS Architectural Construction Services (Costa Mesa, Calif.)

18. (tie) KLH Engineers (Ft. Thomas, Ky.)

18. (tie) RGLA Studios (Chicago)

19. Gruskin Group (Springfield, N.J.)

20. Aedifica (Montreal)

21.  BKA Architects (Brockton, Mass.)

22. Jencen Architecture (Cleveland)

23. Reztark Design Studio (Cincinnati)

24. Phase Zero Design (Simsbury, Conn.)

25. Cowan + Associates (Worthington, Ohio)

26. King Retail Solutions (Eugene, Ore.)

27. Kraido (San Francisco)

28. DMD Ltd. (Toronto)

29. Richardson Design (Cleveland)

30. Foremost Interiors (Salt Lake City)

31. Jerry Birnbach and Associates (Somers, N.Y.)

32. Retail Rehab (Santa Monica, Calif.)

33. Retail Habitats (San Diego)

34. Chris Rossi Studio (Tampa, Fla.)

* Information for the VMSD Retail Design Firm Resource Guide was provided by individual firms and has not been verified by VMSD magazine.

**Due to an editorial error, api(+) was left out of the Rankings by Design Fees table on page 36. The company should have been ranked as #17.