Two Floors in One Target

The mass-merchandiser is experimenting with a new multi-level format
Posted August 8, 2000

Target, the national mass-merchandising superstore division of Target Corp. (Minneapolis), has developed a new two-floor store design that is being rolled out in eight locations around the country. Target will occupy the top two floors of a three-level facility, with additional retail stores on the bottom floor. Among the first of the new-format stores to open is in Seattle's Northgate Mall, scheduled for Oct. 8, 2000.

Target will not abandon the open, airy feeling of its current store plan in this new format. The three-level facilities are being built at the height of a four-story building, and Target stores will have 16-foot ceilings. Among the other features of the new store plan are centralized checkouts on both levels; verma-port escalator systems for shopping carts; and a glass handrail system with a stainless steel top rail to act as a barrier system. The glass handrail system allows shoppers to see the entire store - including products and displays - from above or below. Eastside Glass (Kirkland, Wash.) was the subcontractor for the railing system. The railing components and materials were provided by Morse Industries (Kent, Wash.).