UPS Courier Services

Toronto, Canada
Posted March 22, 2000

This new 853-square-foot prototype, intended for worldwide roll-out, needed to create an easily recognizable identity for UPS in the retail market. Graphics readable from a distance were a key factor in communicating the international express mail services that UPS provides. Graphics also encourage self-service, reducing the number of staff required. To eliminate the traditional separation between customer and staff, the circulation plan is open and the sales counter is replaced with a circular work station. Fixtures are modular and interchangeable, for use in a wide variety of floor plans and building types.

Photography by Grid/2 Int'l, New York City

Design: Grid/2 Int'l, New York City -- Martin Roberts, president; Akka Ma, partner in charge; Christopher Daly, project planner; Betty Chow, Jeffrey Cook, graphic designers; Todd McGregor, Mary Ann Bayton, Ryan Henderson, project team General contractor: Cassidy Construction Ltd., Ottawa, Ont.