Your Picks: Great Displays in Small Spaces

Check out our gallery of reader-submitted examples of creative small-store visual merchandising.
Posted May 18, 2009
carvagio1.jpgLittleFlowersCheckOut.jpgCounter-Good.jpgfeb-yellowarea.jpgFront Sign 1.jpgEntertaining1.jpgIMG_3090.JPGfront window.jpgClogs_Amsterdam.JPGDiesel_01.jpgDiesel_02.jpgDiesel_03.jpgEleni's_NY_01.jpgEleni's_NY_02.jpgEleni's_NY_03.jpgEspresso_Dusseldorf.JPGGlasses_Dusseldorf.JPGIMG_9382.JPGIMG_9395.JPGIMG_9976.JPGSissey_Boy_Amsterdam.JPGJuicyCouture_01.jpgJuicyCouture_02.jpgJuicyCouture_03.jpgNeissingJewelry_Dusseldorf_01.JPGRecchiuti_SF_Market_1.jpgRecchiuti_SF_Market_2.jpgRiodeJanerio_StreetVendor.JPGDIA_01.jpgDIA_02.jpgLMM_FAO.JPGTappers_VDay.jpgStores 09 215.jpgStores 09 210.jpgStores 09 162.jpgStores 09 206.jpgflirt_hanging.jpgkokoa_cashwrap.jpglittle_display.jpgpure_display.jpglolly_kidsart.jpgboudin.jpgchocolatebar.jpgKeith Harring,books, New York 06 001.jpg01-Poppyseeds after 004.jpg02-mom's day  poppyseeds 024.jpg03-poppyseeds after 007.jpg01-asian_2.jpg02-asian_cordy.jpg01-bayco3_cordy.jpg02-bayco_cordy.jpg01-cordy_2.jpg02-cordy_3.jpg03-cordy_window.jpg

Effective visual merchandising is more important than ever these days, and for small retailers really feeling the pinch, the ability to do more with less has taken on greater urgency. One of our readers, anxious for good news and inspiration, asked us to share examples  of creative displays in small stores. And since we can't be everywhere, we turned it over to you and asked you to submit your best shots of nice work that fits this category.

Click on the first photo above to launch a slide show of the submissions. There's some great stuff in there, and we'll be adding more all the time. Please continue to send your photos to, with "small store vm" in the subject line. (Editor's note: Do you secretly want to submit your own store but are worried you'll seem too braggy? Nonsense! We encourage bragging.)

Questions? Comments? Post them below. And enjoy the show.