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Good design is now available to everyone
Some say we're less and less of a democracy, as economics continue to divide us into rich and poor. The best-performing...
The woman behind the mannequin recovery
Another stage of sorts: Saks Fifth Avenue
New Jersey-born, with a flair for the dramatic, Anthony G. Lombardi says he sneaked into "the city" at every opportunity, "...
IRDC will help you define yourself and your role
Michael Gould, president and ceo of Bloomingdale's, publicly dismissed design's role in the brand-building process. "Brand...
Interactivity breakthrough
I just got a magazine out of the mailbox and it feels like a breakthrough. How many catalog, magazine and book covers do...
Stolen: Christmas 2000
A movie about The Grinch was the box office champ of the 2000 Christmas season. It's been 53 years since The Miracle on 34th...
Balance in the Speed Zone: Seattle
You are standing on a hill in Seattle, one of seven. You're shocked. You're having a vision. You're seeing modern life in...
Enjoying the heat, off the ice
What attracted Ed Cossitt to the retail display industry? "Possibly because it goes beyond the normal design realm,"...
The grand e-tail revolution is a petit point now
In January, the Internet was going to force Federated, The Limited and May Co. out of business. By October, the Internet had...
Ignored and insulted in the Charlotte Airport
I still can't believe this. I've been collecting customer service horror stories (and dreams-come-true stories) ever since...


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