All that Glitters is Gold

A golden glow and spotlighting the product top the bill for Daniel Wellington’s New York flagship
Posted January 9, 2020

Understated elegance entirely encapsulates the aesthetic of Daniel Wellington’s (Stockholm) new flagship in the heart of New York City. With an enviable location in Rockefeller Center, it’s perfectly placed to attract the discerning shopper looking to purchase an exquisite accessory.

Creating a loungey feel with clean architectural elements was part of the design directive for TPG Architecture (New York) in realizing this store. Refined decorative and functional lighting was selected to enhance the minimalist yet luxurious feel.

Key trends this year, according to Kathy Pryzgoda, Principal Designer at lightstudioLA (Culver City, Calif.), include “theatrical lighting that puts the product on stage, alongside decorative solutions that create more illumination in the space and color tuneability.”

These trends abound in the Swedish brand’s new store. To set the stage for its luxury watches, the compact space is lit dramatically with spotlights highlighting the displays and branding, which has a shimmering metallic finish. Above the cashwrap is the store’s statement feature – “spherical pendants that draw the eye,” says Joe Park, Retail Director, TPG – while functionality is found in the integrated strip lighting and downlights that line the mirrored wall displays, focusing on the product from every angle.

There’s a rich contrast to the brand’s signature navy walls and plush velvet seating with the “glowing effect” of the 3000K lighting, which channels this year’s warm, sun-mimicking color temperature. Gold-tinged marble and glass fixtures emulate the watches themselves, glinting in the light.

“We selected lots of reflective materials to create an optical illusion of a bigger space,” explains Park. This delivers a comfortable setting in which customers can browse and try on a coveted watch unhurried and uncrowded, bathed in golden light. 

Photography: Veronica Bean, New York