Amazon Debuts Click and Collect in Europe

The delivery alternative is offered to consumers in the U.K. and Italy
Posted May 15, 2019

Amazon Inc. (Seattle) is launching a “click and collect” option dubbed Counter for shoppers in the U.K., reports Fortune. The delivery option will allow customers to pick up packages from staffed counters at U.K. and Italian retailers.

Amazon will operate the collection counters in partnership with Next Plc (London) at the apparel retailer’s 500-plus outlets across the U.K. In Italy, Amazon has joined forces with bookstore retailer Giunti and other retailers.

“There is a strong tradition of click-and-collect in both the U.K. and Italy and the plan is to roll Counter out further across Europe,” said Patrick Supanc, Director of Lockers and Pickup, Amazon. “Next really understands click-and-collect.”