Amazon Go Stores to Accept Cash

Advocates for the poor say it’s a discriminatory practice not to accept cash
Posted April 10, 2019 Inc. (Seattle) confirmed that it will begin accepting cash at its Amazon Go stores, according to GeekWire.

New Jersey, Philadelphia and Massachusetts all have laws requiring retailers to accept cash, while other lawmakers are beginning to consider the idea, GeekWire reports. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) reports that roughly 6.5 percent of American households do not have access to financial services – consumers like these would be unable to shop at stores that do not accept cash. Amazon will arguably be reaching a wider consumer base by making the move.

Ten cashierless Amazon Go stores are currently located in Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle. According to GeekWire and Bloomberg, the company wants to open an estimated 3000 locations by 2021, meaning the online giant would be opening more than 100 stores a month.