Amazon Workers Strike in Germany

The warehouse workers chose to strike on Amazon’s Prime Day
Posted October 13, 2020

Warehouse workers for Inc. (Seattle) in Germany are planning to go on strike during the retailer’s busy Prime Day shopping event, taking place Oct. 13 and 14.

The strikes are expected to take place in the German cities of Bad Hersfeld, Graben, Koblenz, Leipzig, Rheinberg and Werne. A union organization called Ver.di is reportedly behind the strikes and believe Amazon workers deserve better working conditions as well as more pay and more respect, CNBC reports.

The Global Secretary of the UNI Global Union, Christy Hoffman, said in a statement regarding Amazon and the strikes:  “Amazon workers in Germany and everywhere are fighting for better pay and decent working conditions, but they also expect to keep their constitutional rights intact and have private conversations without Big Brother watching over as they organize online … Amazon has failed to ensure workers’ safety, and we fear that influx of orders and the grueling Prime Day pace will make a bad situation even worse.”

An Amazon spokesperson told CNBC that the strikes will not have an impact on the company’s delivery promises and that customers will receive their orders on time.