Apple’s Head of Retail Steps Down

Angela Ahrendts will be replaced by Dierdre O’Brien
Posted February 7, 2019

Apple (Cupertino, Calif.) unveiled that its Head of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts, will be leaving the company in April.

When she steps down, she will be replaced by Dierdre O’Brien, who is the company’s current VP of Human Resources. O’Brien has worked for Apple for 30 years and will now be Senior VP over retail and people. 

Ahrendts joined the company in 2014 from London-based Burberry, where she was Chief Executive Officer. According to CNN, at one time there were rumors that she might be Apple’s next CEO, though those never came to pass. 

Ahrendts is leaving for “new personal and professional pursuits,” though details were not available as to what those would entail.