Aspen, CO
Posted March 22, 2000

In Chinese, "baang" means to bind or tie together. So it's an appropriate name for a new restaurant that blends French and Asian cuisine. The new 3200-square-foot eatery in Aspen, Colo., also mixes a bit of Manhattan with the ski resort ambience, thanks to an innovative-but-earthy design by Rockwell Group, New York City.

Baang's interiors evoke the idea of fusion. Bypassing primary colors, designers used a palette inspired by exotic spices: ginger-root yellow, chili-pepper red and leek green, complemented by oxidized metalwork. The kitchen, dining room and bar area are all contained in one room, and patrons are encouraged to hang out prés de and aprés dining (or skiiing). An upstairs bar lounge is designed for large ski groups, and a VIP dining area features the work of Aspen/New York photographer Stephen Richter.

Design: Rockwell Group, New York City--David Rockwell, principal; Glen Coben, associate in charge; Cathy Taylor and Eve-Lynn Schoenstein, design team

Lighting Consultant: Robert Singer Associates, Aspen, Colo.

Fabrics: Larsen, New York City; ICF Group, Norwood, N.J.; Unika-Vaev USA Inc., New York City

Flooring: Patterson, Flynn, Martin & Manges, New York City (carpet)

Furniture: Munrod, New York City (banquettes and furniture); Woodsmiths, Pompano Beach, Fla. (tables); Dakota Jackson, New York City (chairs and barstools); Afton Grove, Los Angeles (side tables); Smith & Hawken, Mill Valley, Calif. (outdoor furniture)

Lighting: Coutcol Lighting, Brooklyn, N.Y. (bar pendants); 280 Modern, New York City (stair pendant fixtures)

Photography: Paul Warchol, New York City