Barnes & Noble Countersues Ex-CEO

The company has filed a countersuit against Demos Parneros
Posted November 8, 2018

New York-based Barnes & Noble has filed a countersuit against former Chief Executive Officer Demos Parneros, alleging that he intentionally sabotaged a potential acquisition of the company for his own benefit.

According to the papers filed by the company, a book retailer was interested in purchasing the company but withdrew its offer after Parneros reportedly gave a lengthy monologue regarding the demise of the business.

This follows a lawsuit in August 2018 by Parneros against the company after he was fired in July for violating the company’s conduct code. Parneros joined the company in 2016 as chief operating officer and was promoted to ceo in 2017.

According to Retail Dive, the company is still searching for a ceo as well as a buyer.