Bed Bath and Beyond Tidies Up

Customers start noticing changes to merchandising approach
Posted January 14, 2019

Bed Bath and Beyond (Union, N.J.) has announced that, as a part of its stocking and merchandising strategy going forward, it will carry less product in-store, opting for a more streamlined, organized look that is all about “show more, carry less,” its CEO Steven Temares said in a call with analysts in 2017.

The company is starting to roll out that concept in March, when it will implement a more curated look that promises to be a contrast to its “messy” or “cluttered” perception from shoppers and analysts.

According to Business Insider, the subtle changes the company has made so far are already starting to be noticed by shoppers. In a Morgan Stanley Alphawise survey of 1350 furniture buyers, analysts noted that consumers reportedly perceived that the selection is moderating; and only 42 percent of shoppers said that “selection of merchandise prompted shopping at the store" – down from 55 percent in 2016.