Bergdorf Goodman to Launch New Shop-in-Shop

Linda Fargo will debut a personally curated, permanent shop-in-shop in May
Posted February 2, 2017

Bergdorf Goodman (New York) is debuting a new kind of shop-in-shop this spring. In May, the store will feature a permanent shop-in-shop, personally curated by the company’s svp, Linda Fargo. Fargo also serves as the retailer's women’s fashion director.

The collection will include ready-to-wear, as well as beauty products, home decor, specialty food, books and art. The 600-square-foot shop-in-shop will reset four times per year, with new pieces added weekly. For instance, about 25 percent of the fashions planned are being reproduced from items in her personal closet. It will also debut a “Linda"-branded red, scented lipstick, reports Women’s Wear Daily.

“In an increasingly homogeneous retail landscape, we’ve noticed the resurgence of the personally curated boutique, and no one has more personal style than Linda Fargo,” explains Joshua Schulman, president of Bergdorf Goodman and NMG Intl.