Bergdorf Reveals its Holiday Windows

This year's theme is “Destination Extraordinary”
Posted November 18, 2016

Bergdorf Goodman (New York) revealed its new store window displays in time for the holiday shopping season to begin. Themed “Destination Extraordinary,” the windows are inspired by scenes from natural history museums, the paintings of Henri Rousseau and 12th Century Chinese watercolor mountainscapes. The windows took a team of 100 and nine months to create.

One features a jungle scene with a mannequin wearing a dress from Marc Jacobs (New York) sitting on a swing of vines and surrounded by primates embellished with beads, flowers and foliagel while another depicts a lagoon with a model walking a tightrope over the water below. Others include a winter garden, a desert scene and a pagoda-style treehouse.

“It’s a world tour, but you’re not sure where exactly the place is,” said David Hoey, the retailer’s senior director of visual presentation, according to Women’s Wear Daily.